Astor & Black

The Need

In late 2005 Astor & Black chose us to find a solution for ordering custom clothing from their factories. At the time they were faxing hand written orders to their production facilities.

The Plan

After reviewing Astor & Black’s business model it was determined that a custom system would need to be built to handle all of their various product options and complex financial reporting requirements. Mast Interactive conceived of. developed and delivered an order system that handled customers (CRM), a set of 40+ customer measurements, Suiting (Suits/Jackets/Pants/Vests/Tuxedos) and Shirting order forms (each with dozens of customizable options), invoicing, customer payments, sales agent commissions, fabric handling for over 25k fabrics, order tracking factory work tickets and billing and an internal messaging system.

Services Provided

  • UI/UX Development
  • Data Design and Optimization
  • Sales Reporting
  • Process Flow Consultation

The Results

Shortly after implementing the backend system Astor & Black experienced explosive growth in the number of custom clothiers (sales agents) they could support across the entire country. Every department from shipping/receiving to accounting received tools that allowed them to effectively do their jobs tracking all of the moving pieces that come with producing clothing specific to an individual.

We continued to provide updates and new tools as contractors up until we were asked to take on a larger role of preparing the business’ systems for a private equity deal. We provided extensive due diligence reporting support working alongside the accounting team and helped secure a private equity deal for David Schottenstein and Astor & Black that was reported to be in the 40+ million dollar range. Read more about our role in the private equity buyout and what we can do for you here.– David Schottenstein

“I have been working with Brandon Mullins and HB2Web LLC since early 2006. They have done incredible work for me throughout that time. They built an online ordering system for my company, Astor and Black, from the ground up. They are innovative and have proven time and time again to be problem solvers. I am sure they will prove to be a valuable asset to any organization. Providers like them don’t come around very often.”
David Schottenstein