Coastal Outdoors

The Need

Coastal Outdoors had decided to migrate their current Woocommerce site to Magento after seeing how Woo handled their nearly 20k products, a good number of which had multiple configurable options. For this project Radial Studios, based in Columbus Ohio, had provided strategy and assessment to Coastal. A big issue Radial Studios aimed to fix was inventory management as it related to both online and retail in multiple locations.

The Plan

Coastal Outdoors has an in house system that handles inventory and pricing for their retail locations and they didn’t want to have to maintain inventory on the website.

Mast Interactive was tasked with linking their Magento Enterprise Cloud instance to their inventory management system Lightspeed EVO. We recommended additional features including updated regular/sales pricing from Lightspeed as well as displaying a live on hand inventory for each location to online viewers.

We also provided services with product management in general to help prepare the system for the large number (20k+) products.

Services Provided

  • Custom Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Consultation Services
  • Data Design & Reporting

The Results